After graduation: SABIS® alumni stories

After graduation: SABIS® alumni stories

SABIS® has a long history of preparing students for success after school. This is evident in the many achievements our alumni have accomplished throughout the years. We would like to share with you some of our most recent stories from a number of alumni who graduated from IAF, a charter school in Michigan, U.S. 

  • Stacie Worst: Stacie earned her registered nursing licensing and believes that her school helped her become a true leader. 
  • Elisha Mitchell: Elisha wanted to make a difference in other students’ lives so after  graduating from college, she returned to IAF to become a much-loved teacher.
  • Monique Lewis: Monique is currently pursuing a  master’s degree at Michigan State University. She credits her abilities to work with others to the SABIS Student Life Organization® and the National Honor Society.
  • Crystle Simpson: Crystle is an automotive industry leader who acquired many necessary life skills by participating in the SABIS Student Life Organization®.

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