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Dear Parents/Guardians:


The Board of Trustees of New Schools Georgia, Inc., (“NSG”), the holder of the charter of Collegiate Academy of Albany (“CAA”) has been conducting an extensive search for a school facility to serve as the CAA’s home for the 2020-21 school year.  Regrettably, after months of evaluating and performing due diligence on several properties across the city of Albany, each option came with insurmountable challenges that would burden the school financially and operationally, or require such extensive renovations as to put at risk our ability to open on time. 


As a result, NSG has sought and received approval from the State Charter School Commission (the “Commission”) to delay opening until August 2021. Therefore, the Kindergarten Enrollment Lottery on Saturday, March 14, is cancelled.  More information will be forthcoming regarding next steps for our Kindergarten students.


This decision was not made lightly. We believe it is the best option to ensure the school remains viable in the long term. NSG has also requested the Commission’s approval to open as a K-4 school in August 2021, with 498 students, so that those who have already applied will have a space reserved (if you wish to remain enrolled).  However, NSG cannot guarantee the Commission will approve the request; if we do not receive approval, then CAA will open as a K-3 school.


NSG awaits approval and formal Commission notification on the above requests and expects a response very soon so we may share that information with you. We will use regular mail, email, Facebook and the CAA’s website (caalbany.sabis.net) as the major modes of communication with families.  Please be sure to check back regularly.


While certainly a disappointment, neither the Board of NSG nor SABIS® is giving up. We remain committed to CAA and the Albany community.  The NSG Board wants you to know that we will continue to work hard to make CAA a reality for 2021. We greatly appreciate your understanding.  As a Board, we are extraordinarily disappointed to have to inform you of this decision.  We look forward to continuing to build a bright future for your child(ren) when CAA opens in August 2021.





Stan Logue

New Schools Georgia, Inc.

Board of Trustees & Albany resident


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